Name:Princess Ashley AndersonAge: 15 (Season One) Family: Woody Anderson (cousin) Gracey Anderson (cousin) King Raven (father) Queen Lisa (mother) Jack Anderson (brother) Friend: Emily David (best friend) Trevor Bakerman Kevin Simmons (butler,pretend father) Nancy Becker (nanny,pretend mother) Bailey James 1st Episode: "Princess of America" Portrayed: Bella Throne

Ashley is princess of kingdom of Quinn Villa and she was dreaming what to be like a normal teenage girl.She has little brother name Jack he want to be a knight to protect her sister.

Emily David Edit

Emily and Ashley are like sisters.They go after every adventures they take with step of away. Emily know that she the princess in 1st episode of Princess in America.

Woody Anderson Edit

Woody is Ashley's cousin,He loves to get dirty every minutes with Ashley.

Trevor Bakerman Edit

Trevor in loves with Ashley but she never notices it . When he tried to kiss her she trieds to back off.

Gracey Anderson Edit

Between Gracey and Ashley haven't got along when Ashley moved to be normal.

Kevin Simmons Edit

Kevin is Ashley's butler she always super nice to Kevin but he loves to cook and clean. When she a mess always ask Kevin clean it up.

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